Mr Paul Dunphy

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Mr Paul Dunphy trained as an actor at Bretton Hall, near Wakefield.

He is the proud owner of a BA Hons in Acting – and what a terribly useful degree that has proven to be.

In truth, it was three years spent learning how to be a tree and remembering how it felt when you lost your mum in a supermarket, so you’d start to cry in a sad bit in a play. Now and again he dabbles in acting, and he’s currently writing stand up comedy material, sketch comedy and a sitcom.

At the moment, he’s all over Sky Sports and the like in the latest Paddy Power commercial. In it he plays “Nobby” – a tragic figure whose love for football is eclipsed only by his unfettered joy at having a rolled up t-shirt twatted at the back of his head. Video evidence below: